Friday, January 14, 2011

Mourning the loss of my zodiac

To be fair, I didn't think I put a lot of stock into it. But at some point along the road of my life people started to pick out traits for me that were earthy, stubborn, reliable, resourceful-- and I started to think a lot more kindly on my sign.

To be fair, a bull wasn't exactly my "ideal" power animal. Probably because the only image I can muster of one is a bright red cartoon chasing daring, but most likely completely brain-dead, men.

Perhaps this is a sign to forget how I'm categorized by my man-made date of birth in a man-made organization of time, and move on to figuring out what the fuck I think I am.

Or I could try to talk myself into friendly comparisons with another lumbering animal with horns that resides in the 'fire' camp, and is more moody than stubborn.

*shrug* On to the semester of massive decisions and doing over experimenting.

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  1. why? - good friday
    why? - these few presidents
    akron/family - don't be afraid you're already dead
    the national - conversation 16
    mazzy star - fade into you
    neil young - on the way home
    they might be giants - they'll need a crane
    a.a. bondy - i can see the pines are dancing
    palace music - (end of) travelling
    state radio - keepsake
    simon joyner - burn rubber
    beirut - the penalty
    the music tapes - tornado longing for freedom
    junior kimbrough - meet me in the city
    destroy nate allen - last call
    the mountain goats - the doll song
    american war - old love in young bodies
    belle & sebastian - piazza, new york catcher
    cat power - metal heart
    the new year - the idea of you
    molina & johnson - twenty cycles to the ground
    cannibal ox - the f-word (because we can all use a little more hip-hop in our lives)