Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I committed Facebook Suicide

and I've been free for a whole week.

I find it terribly interesting that the thing I consistently spent so much time on is now conveniently missing from my life. Remnants of it still remain in the way I think and seeing the incessant logo on the top tabs of my friends' internet browsers. I'm on the edge of a revolution of my entire lifestyle, and I've never felt so lucky to have won the battle of technological self-control.

Well, minus my phone and this here blog. But the blog, I think, allows me to actually take care in what I'm writing for the world to see. And, quite frankly, it's not that many people anyway.

The idea of Facebook Suicide has been infecting me for quite some time. I read about it a lot while I was in Italy.

An article from someone else who did the same:

"I became despondent. What, then, was I? If my time was spent changing my profile picture on Facebook, thinking of a clever status update for Facebook, checking my profile again to see if anyone had commented on my page, Is this what I am? A person who re-visits her own thoughts and images for hours each day? And so what do I amount to? An egotist? A voyeur?"

Also, it's nice not to be completely bombarded with the ill-feelings of others, the constant invites to events and applications and groups, and dare I say, being anonymous.

It's also interesting how those that do want to get in contact with me have managed to do so regardless of my online status. I'm forcing my friends to come into contact with me directly. SUCK IT.

I think I'll have more observations about this new environment later on as well. This is mostly a jumble of things I've realized since I cut the cords. There's been a little bit of withdrawal, but mostly a healthy pride in myself for being able to do it when I knew it was no longer healthy for me.

Now, onto more real-life adventures. Arrivederci!


  1. Good for you, grasshopper. I'll keep sending you cool links on gmail. Also, keep in touch via phone some, okay? i feel bad always being the one to call :-P Reminds me of the time i was in India...

  2. I. just. can't.

    But I really want to. FB has a death grip on me. :(

    Good for you though!