Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am blessed to be involved in an 8 hour class every other Friday night. It seems daunting and sort of ridiculous, but I get lost in it. Hopefully someday the time I spend on work will see more resolution despite my convoluted ideas.

Today I was a small part of my professor's project, Art Stimulus. Take a look.

I want to have a place to document my ideas and emotional cycles. Perhaps a record of how insane I am will allow me to overcome areas of distress that I encounter in the future.

So, currently I am 6 days into a diet. I would say an 'eat right lifestyle plan' or whatever the optimists are calling now a days, but it's not. I've been drinking more caffeine than necessary to make up for the lack of food. I'm feeling smaller, but not necessarily better. I haven't decided if it is okay or not.

However, at 6 days through, you start to feel invincible to the addictions of food. And that I can appreciate. I've made it through the Day of Wreckoning.

Oh wait, you're not familiar with the 'Day of Wreckoning'?
- The Day of Wreckoning is basically start of diet day minus 1, the day you realize how much you hate where your body is and how much you eat and how much of a total slob you are. The day you plan but don't actually do anything. In fact, it's the day you eat as much as you want because tomorrow is Diet Day 1, which may be worse than the Day of Wreckoning since you are still a total emotional wreck, but don't get to eat euphoric foods to make it better.

Turns out any day you ruin your diet can become a Day of Wreckoning.
So I need to be careful, I don't have enough nerve to deal with yet another one.

Anywhoo, I don't really have enough money to continually pump the local coffee shops with my business, but I need something that makes me feel like I'm consuming foods, so I will rationalize it for now.

Tomorrow I am scrimmaging in Sioux Falls. Roller derby sort of has my soul, along with art classes.

Good thing I don't have a social life besides instant netflix and my roommate/best friend.

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  1. social lives are overrated. mine = art + nerd bf + hedgehog + good films via netflix.

    i'm on a diet, too. i recommend it (soo nice). you buy organic and minimally packaged foods at the grocery to boost your confidence in your health consciousness and environmental savviness. you savor the experience of re-stocking your kitchen, everything in its place, etc. then feed your sugar addiction. with chocolate. and diet pepsi. and maybe garden salsa flavored sunchips (in the loudest [compostable] bag ever).